AMP Sound Certification

Sound Restrictions at the Best and Longest Road Course in Arizona:

Due to the County Imposed permit requirements, AMP has a strict sound limit of 96 dB for all Motorcycles and Cars that run on the track. The track sound levels are monitored by the county at all events and fines are levied against AMP and the event organizers if these limits are exceeded.

XCEL Trackdays along with the AMP operations team has extensive experience on the bike/exhaust combinations that meet these limits. We NO LONGER host Sound Certification Events but instead qualify bikes to run under our provisional rules (see Below).

Provisional Sound Certification Pass for OEM stock exhaust bikes!

Arizona Motorsports Park has agreed to a provisional pass for certain OEM stock exhaust and known Bike/Exhaust motorcycles at ALL XCEL Trackday Events!

Qualifying Motorcycles:

  • – Stock unmodified OEM motorcycles
  • – Aftermarket exhausts with db Killer / baffle installed
  • If you have questions email us, don’t assume you will not meet the sound restriction requirements

Due to our knowledge and history of what bike & exhaust combinations meet the sound limit you may qualify for a provisional pass. Email us at [email protected] and we will advise you if you qualify. We reserve the right to not allow any motorcycle if we feel you will violate the sound limit of 96dB.

Your bike and exhaust will be inspected at Tech and we reserve the right to not allow a bike the provisional pass.


Q1. If I’m riding and exceed the sound limit will I get a refund?

Yes, If your bike fails during the first 2 sessions you will receive 100% refund. If you fail after the first 2 sessions there is no refund – same rules for all riders.

Q2. Who determines if my bike qualifies for a Provisional Pass?

It is the sole discretion of XCEL and the tech manager to determine if a bike qualifies for a provisional pass. We reserve the right to not allow any bike on the track that we feel will exceed the sound limits at AMP.