Trackday Guide: Rider Groups

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At XCEL Trackdays we are focused on providing a safe and extremely well organized track day event. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where all riders regardless of experience or style can ride, practice, and learn how to be a better motorcycle rider. We have established a three rider group format to best meet our safety guidelines.

We limit the number of riders for each group to ensure safety of our riders and coaching staff. We abide by our strict policy to keep riders in their acclimated groups according to skill level. You must register for your skill level. If you are an Intermediate rider and tempted to register for the only available Advanced rider spot, you risk losing your riding privileges for that day and will not receive a refund or credit.

In the event that you register for a lower skill level (Intermediate rider registering for Novice or Advanced registering for Intermediate), you will be expected to adhere to all rules governing that group and if necessary, adjust your pace and level of aggression to match the pace of the group. Be respectful and have fun.

To ensure that you have the best experience possible and get the most out of your day, be honest with yourself and us when selecting a skill group.

Skill Levels

Group C – (Novice): FAST

First time track riders should always start in the novice group regardless of street experience.  This group is designed for street riders, new track riders, and those seeking a  relaxed pace. Our classroom and on-track instructors help you to hone basic riding skills such as looking through the corner, choosing the right line, accelerating at the right point,  being smooth on the throttle and brakes, shifting while matching engine RPM’s and without upsetting the bike, good body position and passing safely. You and the instructor will ride at your pace! In the Novice group we have a 6 feet outside passing rule to ensure riders pass safely.  Bike setup and gear requirements for this group are very basic (see Bike Preparation). Riders can ride straight off the street and join us.

Group B – (Intermediate): FASTER

Once you’re comfortable with the track, have proven mastery of basic riding skills as detailed in the Group C guidelines and feel comfortable with a more accelerated pace, you will move into the Intermediate group.   The track tempo in this group is intermediate to fast, and safe passing is permitted anywhere with a 6 feet margin. Licensed racers are not permitted in this group unless cleared by XCEL staff before sign-up. Instructors are available at the entrance to the track and upon request.  There are a few more requirements for this group regarding bike setup and gear. Please see the Bike Preparation page for more details.

Group A – (Advanced): FASTEST

This group is intended for racers and very accomplished track riders. The pace is fast and there are no restrictions on passing. To ride in this group, you must be smooth, predictable, and comfortable passing and being passed in very close proximity and at high speeds.  Please see the Bike Preparation page for more details to make sure you and your bike are ready.