Why Trackdays?

Why Ride With XCEL Trackdays?

Our riding coaches will ensure you master skills to safely achieve speed you never dreamed you could; and help you confidently conquer sweeping, tight and fast corners maintaining speed and in complete control.

Why Spend The Money On A Track Day?

Well, it’s cheaper than a speeding ticket and safer than the street!

Regardless of your skill level, a day on a race track will allow you the opportunity to enjoy the power of your motorcycle while learning to use your machine better and safer than you ever could on the street. Feel the power and rev the engine. Every corner is in the same condition every time you come around, allowing you to practice your skills to become a smoother, more controlled and skilled rider. Most importantly; we guarantee no old Buicks pulling out in front of you, no trucks slowing you down, no distracted drivers on cell phones and no stop-lights.

More Reasons To Choose XCEL Trackdays

  • YOUR safety is our priority;
  • We strictly limit the size of the groups, so make sure you sign up as soon as possible;
  • We encourage riders of all skill levels and we specialize in training beginner track enthusiasts. Our experienced riding coaches are on hand every session to help you improve and perform at your best and safest level. All at no additional cost!
  • We run a 3 group format to maximize your time on the track – Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced;
  • You choose your skill level and ride at your own pace;
  • Coaches available to help teach and improve yourriding skills
  • Professional photographer at most events – www.racersphoto.com;
  • Track side services including Dunlop tire sales and mounting
  • Suspension setup and tuning from Evan Steel Performance
  • On-site EMS and professional corner staff
  • Sign up today and come on out and join us!

You will have the time of your life!