Trackday Guide: Flags

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  3. Daily Schedule
  4. Flags (You are here)

Green Flag

Track is open. Displayed at pit-out (start / finish).

Checkered Flag

The session is over. Do not slow down when you see this flag. Continue going at your present speed past the flag. Put your hand up to signal to the other riders that you’re about to slow down, then smoothly slow down and exit at pit-in. If you roll the throttle too suddenly, you may get hit from behind. Be very clear about your actions and give other riders plenty of notice before exiting. Don’t be “that guy” who ignores the checkered flag and takes a victory lap around the track, holding up the next group of riders.

Standing Yellow Flag

(corner worker holding flag above head) It’s displayed at 2 corners:

  • The problem corner
  • The corner before to let you know something happened up ahead

Look up, look ahead, and be aware! Ususally something has happened off the track or some debris is on the track, etc. Don’t slam on the brakes, rather, slightly roll-off in case you need to change your line to avoid the hazard. No passing is allowed.

Waving Yellow Flag

(corner worker rapidly waving flag) Something has happened on the track – usually a bike down in that corner. Look up and look ahead, slightly roll-off (don’t slam on brakes), and be ready to change your line. No passing is allowed. Continue riding at your slightly slower speed, look up ahead for any further hazards. Proceed to the next corner station. If there isn’t a yellow flag at the next corner station, you can speed up and continue on as normal.

Red Flag

It will be waiving at all stations and means the session is over because an unsafe situation has occurred. Put your hand up as soon as you see the red flag, smoothly slow down to about 30 – 40 mph, and exit the track at pit-in. No passing is allowed. Be aware and look around as there may be a crash truck or ambulance passing you on track. It could also be passing you in the opposite direction. After you exit, proceed back to the track entrance and listen for instructions from the Track Marshall. It’s possible that there will only be a short wait before you can get back onto the track.

Black Flag

This flag will be held up and then pointed at you as you go by a corner worker and / or at start / finish. If you’re riding in a group and you think the flag may be pointed at you, then consider it pointed at you. Put your hand up immediately, quickly and smoothly get off the racing line and stay off the racing line. Your bike may be leaking oil, etc. Exit at pit-in and proceed to the Track Marshall for instruction. There may be something wrong with your bike or one of the Rider Coaches may want to give you some riding / safety advice.