XCEL Women

Come Ride With XCEL Women!

Our mission at XCEL Trackdays Women is to help women riders make a smooth and effortless transition from street to the track. We know there are many women who have wanted to ride at a trackday but don’t feel comfortable doing so or feel they need to be “more skilled.”

Guess what? If you ride on the street, you are more than skilled enough to ride on the track! It’s much safer than dodging cars and you’ll enjoy our comfortable, safe and fun atmosphere. We welcome women of ANY skill level – from “I’ve only ridden a motorcycle a few times EVER” to “I’ve been riding on the street for years.”

Knowledge Is Empowering

We will prepare you for your first trackday beginning with night-before bike preparation, loading, and set-up information. We’ll provide names of friendly companies to contact for riding gear and specialty technical services. Most importantly, we provide you with the confidence and moral support to make your transition successful.


On your first trackday, you will be assigned a mentor and a riding coach for on- and off-track instruction as well as guidance through the usual trackday routines. We’re confident your riding skill set will improve exponentially. Every participant will leave with a newfound knowledge of high-speed cornering, braking and body position that will improve performance on both street and track. And we continue the instruction and support for all of your trackdays. Come on …. ride with us!

Send us an email at info@xceltrackdays.com